Credit Suisse –
Skikjöring at White Turf in St. Moritz

For the 100th anniversary of the traditional Skikjöring races at White Turf 2006 in St. Moritz, Credit Suisse, as one of the main sponsors, came up with a very special idea: Per-Nils Päiviö, a top professional in matters of Skikjöring, was invited – along with four of his reindeers from the far north of Sweden – to organise an exciting reindeer race featuring Swiss sports celebrities as drivers on every racing Sunday. The spectators had great fun and could bet on the teams and win valuable prizes. All the proceeds were donated to the youth work of the Swiss Sports Aid.

On behalf of Credit Suisse, WOEHRLE PIROLA was responsible for the concept of the special program during the jubilee edition of the Skikjöring races during the White Turf in St. Moritz and thus in charge of the overall organization of the exclusive reindeer shows.

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