Night Turf St. Moritz

During the years 2015 to 2017, spectacular night-time horse races took place on the frozen lake of St. Moritz. Every year, about 5000 spectators were enthralled by the unique Night Turf event. As an innovation, the entire racetrack was illuminated, thus enriching the program which featured official horse races with betting operations and attractive prizes. Culinary delicacies and a spectacular light show in the night sky of St. Moritz completed the racing activities. Furthermore, coveted VIP packages with an exclusive dinner and a live concert and race party were offered.

WOEHRLE PIROLA has been the official press office of the St. Moritz Racing Association since 17 years and was thus also responsible for the public relations and the international media activities for the Night Turf including the support of approx. 70 media representatives on-site.

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Client since 2000
Implementation 2015 – 2017
Events 3
Guests/event 5'000
Media representatives 70