B2 Hotel Zurich celebrates 10 years of success story

The B2 Hotel celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and started into the next decade with the anniversary event in October and around 200 guests in attendance.
With a revamped food & beverage concept, new co-working spaces and exciting events, the B2 Hotel positions itself with even more innovation and creativity as the individual and urban boutique hotel in Zurich. 
At the B2 Hotel Zurich, past history can be experienced and new history is being written - as was the case at the anniversary event: Beat Caduff presented the new F&B concept, which was developed together with the B2 Hotel and will involve carefully selected local partners, with selected wines. The Flying Dinner put regular customers, neighbors, guests, suppliers, families and friends in the perfect mood for the innovations. Art, culture, design & lifestyle are underlined with the evening program. Musical entertainment was provided by the a cappella band "VOCABULAR" and DJ Jonas Bodmer. Furthermore, a brewmaster ("Hürlimann") guided the guests through the house, took them on a journey back to the time of the Hürlimann brewery and thus spanned the arc to today's B2 Hotel. Another highlight: The unmistakable Bookmark 2 seminar room was transformed into a Surprise Room, in whose funnel an aerialist amazed the guests from a height of 8 meters. An anniversary event - completely in line with the philosophy of the B2 Hotel - because "B2" combines "Bookmark" and "Boutique" and stands for an unforgettable hotel experience that, like a good book, should always be remembered. 

In close cooperation with the client, WOEHRLE PIROLA took over the organization and coordination of the event. The agency's responsibilities included, among other things, the development of the content and the program, the coordination with suppliers and partners as well as the support of the artists and media representatives on site.

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Event Date 27 October 2022