Four-Hands-Lunch in the Park

In mid-September, Mercedes-Benz created an unforgettable live event in in the park of Castello del Sole in Ascona, GaultMillau's "Hotel of the Year 2022". Top chef and Mercedes-Benz ambassador Sven Wassmer, who traveled from the Grand Resorts Bad Ragaz, joined forces with Mattias Roock, who himself is an 18-point star chef and host at the Castello del Sole. Together the two chefs created a four-hands lunch, which was to be enjoyed by around 30 customers of Mercedes-Benz Switzerland under a large birch tree in the park in glorious sunshine.

Roock likes to prepare his culinary creations with Mediterranean ingredients from his own garden at the Castello del Sole; Sven Wassmer draws inspiration from the fields, forests and meadows in the Alpine region and brings them to life in his kitchen at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. The venue was not only the perfect setting for the culinary indulgences created by the chefs, but also allowed for the perfect display of the first all-electric luxury sedan EQS from Mercedes-Benz underneath the birch tree in the magnificent park.

WOEHRLE PIROLA had the privilege of supporting Mercedes-Benz in the conception and realization of the event. The agency was also responsible for the guest services at this successful and equally enjoyable highlight in Ascona.

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