migrolino Awarding Trip

In June 2023, the migrolino awarding trip took place in Vienna – the beautiful Austrian capitol, home to the Sacher Torte, Freud and Mozart. The franchise partners of migrolino AG, who were honored for their outstanding performances, were invited to take part in the 4-day awarding trip. The program offered a variety of exciting activities: from a traditional carriage ride, a Mozart concert, to an excursion in the vineyards of Vienna and a visit to the gardens and the living quarters of the Schloss Schönbrunn. The participants were able to see a variety of Vienna’s offerings and got to experience the city first-hand.

For the third year in a row, WOEHERLE PIROLA was able to support mirgolino AG in the implementation of their awarding trip. The agency has planned and executed two awarding trips to Zermatt and Oslo in the past two years.  The agency was commissioned by migrolino AG to design and implement the events, which each lasted for four days. WOEHRLE PIROLA was also responsible of finding the locations and activities, coordinating the various program points and finding the perfect giveaways.

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