The opnening

The opening festivities from 4th to 6th July 2014 were a complete success: more than 6,000 visitors, personalities from the worlds of business, politics and sports as well as media representatives took advantage of the opportunity and visited the completed OVAVERVA for the first time. The tours of the building as well as the multitude of festive attractions delighted the young and less young. On Monday, 7th July 2014, the OVAVERVA indoor swimming pool, spa and sports centre became operational and welcomed no less than 669 guests on the first day. The town’s new landmark is appreciated by visitors and locals likewise.

WOEHRLE PIROLA was entrusted with the overall communication for the OVAVERVA indoor swimming pool, spa and sports centre St. Moritz, and the event organisation for the opening on 7th July 2014. Part of this is the conception and the realisation of all classical marketing and advertising measures as well as the accompanying media press relations.


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