See-Infra AG

In time for the start of the event season on the frozen lake of St. Moritz, the See-Infra AG was able to present two newly developed track machines for the preparation of the lake surface. The innovative model called the PistenBully 100 SCR St. Moritz, helps the service company of the St. Moritz municipality to offer a perfectly prepared surface for the numerous activities on the lake, in spite of the increasing unpredictability of the occurrence of freezing weather. The PistenBully 100 SCR St. Moritz not only greatly increases the security of the driver, but also has greatly improved manoeuvrability, which helps its efficiency, and is now unsinkable, thanks to the firmly integrated swimming modules.

WOEHRLE PIROLA was responsible for the media work in connection with the presentation of the new track machine. In cooperation with the See-Infra AG the agency organised the presentation, managed the media invitation and coordinated and produced the press kit including media release, project description, company portrait, FAQ, etc.

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Implementation 2016
Weight new track machine 8,6 tonnes
Surface to be prepared 160'000 km2